Innovative berry products with beneficial health effects and market potential

The purpose of the project has been to constitute a project group and design a project description based on identified opportunities (based on knowledge-, innovation- and business potential). A project group consisting of researchers and stakeholders from the whole chain with growers, suppliers and manufactures has been formed and a project plan has been created for development of ingredients and berry products with documented functionality.Result and Expected Effects - OutcomeThe project group has created a project plan with feasible solutions along the whole chain, from raw materials to refinement, production and evaluation. A proposal for a cooperation agreement and for regulation of conditions and terms considering immaterial rights has been made. The expected results from the project are new product concepts, which in the long run can increase the turnover for the manufactures of the products. This in turn will increase the demand for berries, leading to an improved profitability and incentive for a sustainable production of berry products in Sweden.Approach and Implementation - AnalysisFor the formation of the project group and as a means to identify different solutions for development and realization of the project idea the activities during the project have involved both a seminar combined with a workshop and several project meetings (in total 13, whereof 12 telephone meetings). The seminar and workshop demonstrated that the competence level is high and that on-going research is very promising. It also became evident that there is a strong interest among growers, deliverers, producers and researchers to enhance activities leading to an increased use of berries.

Start date 01/12/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/05/2013

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