Inertia Support Strategies using Wind Turbines for Low-Inertia Power System with High Penetration of Wind Power

In contrast to traditional synchronous generators, variable speed wind turbines (VSWTs) usually do not provide inertia response to the power system in case of power imbalance. Thus, in a power system with high penetration of wind power, there may be a high risk of lack of inertia response in the system. This may lead to frequency instability or blackout when the power system is subject to a large disturbance. The aim of this project is first to evaluate the inertia available from VSWTs. Then, the risk of low inertia is estimated using a probabilistic approach in a wind dominant power system. Two solutions to provide additional inertia response and to reduce the risk of low system inertia are evaluated: 1) VSWTs with de-rated operation; 2) VSWTs equipped with energy storage on the DC-link. This energy storage could be super-capacitors, batteries or a combination of both. Finally, the economic value to provide such an inertia response will be evaluated based on a cost/benefit analysis.

Start date 01/09/2014
End date The project is closed: 30/04/2017

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