Improved SCR systems for marine applications

The overall goal is to aid in the development of more effective and robust SCR systems for marine applications. This would have a large impact on NOX emissions from shipping and on NOX deposition in Sweden and the surrounding seas. More specifically, the goals are to define possible catalyst poisons for urea-SCR for marine applications and increase the knowledge of how these poisons affect the catalytic activity for NOx reduction. This also includes too study catalyst deactivation under real exhaust gas conditions and evaluate the impact on the catalyst.
Main results achieved
​A literature review has been performed and a series of commercial vanadium-based samples has been studied using flow-reactor experiments with and without sulphur and water. Additionally, the influence of various NO/NO2 ratios on the catalytic activity has been investigated. A small reactor setup has been designed at the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology, and will be used in an engine lab in order to study real exhaust gas conditions. The results will also be compared to laboratory conditions.

Page manager Published: Tue 13 Oct 2015.