Improved Criterion for Surface Initiated RCF

Start date 01/07/2007
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

​In a previous project, an engineering model to predict rolling contact fatigue (RCF) was developed. The model
was named FIERCE (Fatigue Index Evaluator for Rolling Contact Environments) and it comprises modules to predict
RCF initiated at the surface, below the surface and at deep material defects. Today, fierce is probably the only existing
model with a physically based prediction of subsurface initiated RCF, which is suitable for incorporation in simulations of dynamic train–track interaction. The model is implemented in commercial packages such as ADAMS/Rail and GENSYS.

The current project refines the predictive models in fierce. Collaboration with colleagues at KTH in Stockholm, MTAB/LKAB in Kiruna, Lucchini RS in Italy and Transnet in South Africa has taken place. In particular, damage to
locomotive wheels on the Iron Ore Line in Sweden has been investigated.

​Chalmers, Bombardier Transportation, Lucchini Sweden, SweMaint

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