Identifying Managing Ideas Discontinuous Business Innovation

Start date 01/08/2007
End date The project is closed: 31/08/2008
​This project aimed at investigating how firms work in order to identify and manage ideas that lead to discontinuous innovations. The contribution from this project was increased knowledge about how firms can identify and manage discontinuous ideas in a fruitful manner. This project studied a firm that has worked systematically with idea management over a long period of time and has established a system aiming at systematically harnessing the ideas of the employees.

​The academic results from this research project can be found in the article Idea management systems for a changing innovation landscape by Sandström and Björk (2010) . The article describes how changes in the nature of innovation has changed from being primarily related to incremental product innovation towards more business model innovation, discontinuous innovation and open innovation.

The focus in the article is how these changes impose new demands upon the ideation phase of the innovation process and on idea management systems and the challenges and managerial implications related to work with dual idea management systems and processes.

This project has also been a part of a series of workshops included in a broader research project focusing on discontinuous innovation. Three workshops have been organized and persons from industry invited to discuss the results from the research projects and the managerial implications of the results. The first workshop was organized in Lund in June 20 2007, the second one in Göteborg December 18th, 2007 and the final one in Lund in January 30, 2009.

​Sandström and Björk (2010) Idea management systems for a changing innovation landscape, International Journal of Product Development Vol.11 No3/4
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