Identification of operability challenges of strategic process integration measures

A successful implementation of new technology in industry many times requires a high degree of process integration in order to be energy efficient. This can affect process operability. Furthermore, new technology cannot initially be expected to have the same high reliability as well-proven technology. Together, this can lead to great uncertainty in decision-making regarding such measures. The aim of this project is to investigate and concretize the need of better knowledge and new methods within the process integration field, with connection to practical feasibility, reliability, flexibility and operability of process integration measures and new system solutions in the energy-intensive industry. Within the project, the problem areas most crucial for practical implementation of process integration measures and for strategic decisions about such measures should be identified. State-of-the-art methods and tools in this area should be surveyed and the need for method development should be defined.

Start date 01/07/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014
The aim of the project is to investigate and concretize the need for knowledge about energy efficiency connected to practical feasibility and operability of new system solutions in the energy-intensive industry.

To achieve energy efficient designs of new processes implemented in existing industrial plants, the new processes should be well-integrated with the existing ones. Heat is recovered from one part of the process to another within the plant, thereby reducing the total energy demand. However, the stronger connections between different processes, risks leading to increased complexity in operability. This might, amongst other difficulties, make disturbances propagate more easily. Such difficulties might cause the actual energy saving of a process integration measure be less than calculated or the operating and investment costs be higher.

Better knowledge is needed for the analysis of operability in the integration of yet unproven processes to the existing industry. By considering operability in process integration studies, better knowledge is gained for a stronger effort for energy efficiency and new technology pathways.

Better understanding of the technical barriers and how they can be overcome is important in order to enable utilization of the great energy efficiency potential that previously has been shown in various process integration projects.
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​Process integration, energy efficiency,  energy-intensive industry, practical potential

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