Long Term Performance of Super-Insulating Materials in Buildings

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the long term performance of superinsulation materials (SIM) and to disseminate knowledge from previous projects. More specifically the project has the following objectives:
•State of the art of a decade of research and development of SIM and their applications in the building sector
•Develop experimental and numerical tools to provide reliable data (properties, durability) for manufacturers and designers
•Produce guidelines for maximum utilization of the potentials of using SIM
•Support standardization and assessment procedures
•Improve knowledge and confidence regarding using SIMs in the building sector, based on analysis of service life, health and sustainability
•Foster a wider public acceptance of SIM in the future by research communication and dissemination
•Use and demonstrate SIMs in the HSB Living Lab and Chalmers Energy on Campus (Epoc).

Above all, two types on SIMs will be covered:
•Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs)
•Advanced Porous Materials (Porous Silica, Aerogel).

The focus lies in three scientific and technical areas:
•Performance and service life
•Practical instructions for installation techniques
•Sustainability (LCA, LCCA, Embodied Energy)

Start date 01/07/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2017

Project members
Bijan Adl-Zarrabi
Project members:
Bijan Adl-Zarrabi
Pär Johansson
Axel Berge
Holger Wallbaum
Jun Kono
Bijan Adl-Zarrabi
Chalmers Areas of Advance

​Building Futures

Funded by

  • Swedish Energy Agency (Public, Sweden)
The work in Annex 65 is divided in four work packages, where package 3 is led by Bijan Adl-Zarrabi and package 4 is led by Holger Wallbaum.
The project is carried out at the Division of Building Technology.
More information can be found at IEA-EBC Annex 65 homepage
More information in Chalmers Research​
Keywords: Superinsulation, vacuum insulation panels, aerogel, LCA
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