Hybrid Powertrain System Analysis

The aim of the System Analysis research group is to add a system perspective to the work of the other research projects within Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC), by way of

  • creating understanding of the requirements for electric and hybrid powertrains, and of how different powertrain concepts and systems can fulfil these requirements
  • act as a link between the research projects and the research groups
  • be a network within SHC and stimulate an internal dialogue

The group is a core part of SHC, conducting a continuous, comprehensive analysis of electric and hybrid powertrains.
So far, one of the group´s most important achievements has been to describe in which way system development can/should be performed in an area where the technical conditions and product requirements are rapidly changing, as is the case for electric and hybrid vehicles. To find the best solutions quickly, cooperation between researchers and system developers is necessary. Thus, optimization of the powertrain can be reached without having to pass several product generations.


Senior engineers and researchers in SHC which jointly address system challenges:

Mårten Behm, KTH
Mathias Björkman, Scania CV
Sören Eriksson, Volvo Cars
Anders Grauers, Chalmers
Jerker Lennevi, AB Volvo
Johan Lennblad, Volvo Cars
Anders Malmquist, KTH
Per Öberg, LiU

The project is carried out within Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC).


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Scania CV

Volvo Cars

Chalmers University of Technology

AB Volvo

Linköping University

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