Homes for tomorrow - Novel concrete composites

Start date 01/10/2010
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

As a sub-project in the research project Home for Tomorrow, the aim of this project is to develop novel concrete composites of modern engineered textiles with nano-modified and/or polymer-modified cementitious binders. Further by using the pore solution as electrolyte and the conductive polymer fibres as the anode (and reinforcement metals as the cathode) the next aim will be to develop a concept of energy storage in concrete structures.

In the project the combination of technology and compatibility between different materials will be studied. Specific tasks include investigating and developing new binders as matrices for novel concrete composites. Further, textile structures which are compatible with cementitious or geopolymeric matrices will be studied. Finally, the potential and limitations of the developed concrete composites for application in the building system will be investigated.

The project is part of the research program "Homes for tomorrow"/"Framtidens hem"

Project members
​Luping Tang, Professor

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