Homes for tomorrow - Active multifuncional building envelopes

Start date 01/12/2010
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

The aim of this project is to develop the basis for a new active multi-functional building envelope with solutions using less materials and better functions. The development of thin novel insulating materials and the smart design of building envelope components are important aims.
The building envelope represents the interface separating the indoor and outdoor environment. New materials and technologies can be incorporated as building envelope components for new and adaptive features. Through a smart design of building envelope components the changes in the exterior environmental conditions can be used to beneficially modify the indoor environment.
The project is part of the research program: ”Homes for tomorrow”/ Framtidens hem.
Project members
​Carl-Eric Hagentoft, Byggnadsfysik, Chalmers
Angela Sasic, Byggnadsfysik, Chalmers
Paula Wahlgren,Byggnadsfysik, Chalmers
Bijan Adl-Zarrabi, Byggnadsfysik, Chalmers
Axel Berge, Byggnadsfysik, Chalmers
Pär Johansson, Byggnadsfysik, Chalmers

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