Homes for Tomorrow - Water sensitive homes

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 01/01/2016

Homes for Tomorrow began as an idea created within the department, in cooperation with the department of architecture, with the aim of bringing research knowledge to a new level. The project is now a FORMAS run, strong research environment, but through EU funding the research is also conducted at several top research environments in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The researchers are working on developing new technologies and designs for future homes. They aim to create a strong research center where both society and the construction industry can turn to for the new research, technology and the needs of future homes. The goal is to bypass the passive construction in order to find ways to build using thinner insulation, less resources and energy, while the noise and vibration environment improves. The idea is to not get caught up in existing techniques, Homes for Tomorrow is a concept that will bring new technologies into the swedish construction industry.

The project is coordinated by Greg Morrison, from Water Environment Technology.

Homes for Tomorrow is a large project containing several sub-projects. Three of these projects are being researched at WET.

The sub-project Living Lab is a three year experience exchange project. The project is in collaboration with other EU countries, focusing on demonstration homes and the residents.

Another sub-project is the Papyrus project which is in collaboration with the city of Mölndal. The project examines sustainable solutions for the building of a residential area on an old factory site in Mölndal, Papyrusområdet.
The third project is a PhD student project which is focusing on the "Water sensitive home". This project is currently in the first phase. Phase 1 studies the key attributes of water in the home. Research is conducted through studies of different areas in Göteborg and Nairobi. The main question these studies examine is if water in the home is dependant on the person or the place. Phase 2 of the project will examine the data collected and the data will be used to put forward concrete proposals for what the project calls a "Water sensitive home".

The project is part of the research program "Homes for tomorrow"/"Framtidens hem"

Project members

​Greg Morrison
Mikael Mangold


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