HoliDev - Holistic DevOps Framework

The goal is to develop a Holistic DevOps Framework that will integrate three development approaches: (1) Requirement driven development where software is built to specification, (2) Outcome driven development where development teams receive a quantitative target to realize and are asked to experiment with different solutions to improve the metric and (3) Data driven development using artificial intelligence techniques to create components that use input data to act based on earlier learnings.

The key result of the HoliDev project is to develop a first, early version of a holistic development framework, combining these three types of development requirements, outcome and data driven development), into an integral approach to the development of future software-intensive systems, including some of the key methods, techniques and tools based on the highest-priority interests of the partner companies, and realize concrete instantiation of them in purpose of their validation.

The project is conducted in four six-month sprints. Sprint 1 will focus on empirical exploration of the key challenges concerning the three identified types of development. In sprint 2, we develop an early stage conceptual holistic development framework and selected methods, techniques and/or tools in close collaboration with the partner companies. Sprint 3 is concerned with small scale validation and iteration of the developed methods and techniques and sprint 4 with large scale validation.

Start date 11/12/2017
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2019

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