High-frequency wheel-rail interaction
Left: Tram in Gothenburg, Sweden, during curve neogatition. Right: Wheel flat on the running surface of a freight wheel. Wheel flats are severe wheel defects generating large impact forces and consequently noise and safety problems.
Photo: Astrid Pieringer

High-frequency wheel-rail interaction

Start date 01/01/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2018
The interaction between wheel and rail is the predominant source of noise emission from railway operations in a wide range of conventional speeds. On the one hand, this wheel/rail noise concerns rolling noise and impact noise caused by the vertical interaction excited by roughness and discrete irregularities of the wheel/rail running surfaces, respectively. On the other hand, it concerns curve squeal noise, which occurs in tight curves and is generated by the tangential interaction.

In the completed CHARMEC PhD project VB10, a model has been developed for the combined vertical and tangential wheel/rail interaction, which is valid in the frequency range relevant for noise generation (from approximately 100 Hz to 5 kHz). The current post-doc project VB12 is a continuation of VB10 and focuses on different aspects of high-frequency wheel/rail interaction. The objective is to further develop, apply and validate the simulation model e.g. for the case of excitation by wheel flats and for curve squeal.

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to the understanding and ultimately to the reduction of wheel/rail noise. The work in the parallel CHARMEC PhD project VB11 is being supported.
The project is carried out att the Division of Applied Acoustics in the research group Vibroacoustics.
This project is related to the project CHARMEC VB11 - Abatement of curve squeal noise from trains
Keywords: wheel/rail interaction, railway noise, curve squeal, wheel flats, time-domain modelling, noise reduction 
Project members

Project leaders
Astrid Pieringer
Wolfgang Kropp

Project members
Astrid Pieringer
Wolfgang Kropp

Astrid Pieringer
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​Bombardier Transportation
Interfleet Technology
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​Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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