High Volume and Low Cost Composites Material and Manufacturing

Objective and Goal
-Demonstrate at least two production technologies for composite products corresponding to a production rate of 100,000 units/year or manufactured structure equivalent to 100 tonnes/year.
-Demonstrate an automated manufacturing process for an aircraft structural component with a production rate of 500 units/year.
-Identify and characterize new composite materials with lower manufacturing costs
-Clarify requirements for materials for bridge constructions in composite and identify appropriate manufacturing technologies for large load-bearing structural elements

Result and Expected Effects
A maintained and strengthened international competitiveness of the Swedish transport and construction industry through:
- Increased skills of Swedish suppliers and networks in the field
- Increased knowledge of rational composite manufacturing methods of LIGHTers members
- Increased number of businesses and industries that use Lightweight solutions
- Increased level of competence for the use of composites for building constructions
- Reduced production costs for structural composites by 25% to 50%, relative to a commercial level for 2010 (depending on Branch)

Partner organizations

  • Volvo Cars (Private, Sweden)
  • AP&T (Private, Sweden)
  • Saab (Private, Sweden)
  • Swerea (Private, Sweden)
  • WSP Sverige (Private, Sweden)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Academic, Sweden)
  • Swedish Transport Administration (Public, Sweden)
Start date 01/10/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2015

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