High Speed Control of Long Combination Heavy Commercial Vehicles within Safe Corridors

Start date 01/04/2012
End date The project is closed: 01/04/2017

Research Motivating Problem:

  • Road transports to increase energy‐ and transport‐efficiency.
  • Combinations longer than 18m/25m is not allowed today in EU/Sweden.

Envisioned product/solution, 2025:

  • Semi‐Autonomous driver assistance functionalities for long vehicle combinations.
  • Longitudinal and lateral vehicle dynamics. 0 to 90 km/h.

Research questions:

  • How can the best “corridors” be represented, identified and chosen?
  • How shall transitions be realised between autonomous driving and driver?


  • Developed functionality, verification and demonstration
  • 1 VehDyn PhD graduated
​AB Volvo, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

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