HASARD - Holistic Assessment of Ship Survivability and Risk after Damage

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive computational model that can be used qualitatively to study and evaluate the condition of a ship with a hull damaged by, eg, grounding or collision. The computational models will be used to study collision strength at the hull side plating, structure stability and collapse, and flooding in ships from collision damage with subsequent instability of the ship when moving in wave conditions.

The HASARD project is part of a research program co-ordinated by the EU on maritime safety, SURSHIP – Strategic European Research Cooperation on Maritime Safety.

Start of project 2007-03-01 
End of project 2010-08-31 
Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), DTU (Copenhagen, Denmark), NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) and SP Technical Research institute of Sweden (Borås, Sweden).

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