HVDC grid from automatic control perspectives

Start date 01/08/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/07/2016
The aim of this project is to analyse the dynamics of multi-terminal HVDC systems from the control theory perspective. The research will be focused on studying the performance of local converter controllers in different events, in such a way that certain operation objectives are achieved. The operation objectives could be that the system should remain stable after certain disturbances, and then, the voltages and currents should be within the limits in any case. The time frame of the analysis will be the range of few milliseconds to some seconds.

The project consists of the following specific tasks:
  • Review of the control theory in order to find out the most adequate techniques for the analysis of the HVDC system.
  • Review of the suggested control strategies proposed by other researchers.
  • The development of adequate models in order to make possible the study of large systems. The focus will be on the DC system elements such as converters, transmission lines or cables, and DC side filters.
  • The analysis of the control system using the control theory in order to identify the possible problems which appear under different scenarios.
  • Proposed mitigations measures when the problems are identified.​
Chalmers Energy Initiative​

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