Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for type-approval of hybrid electric vehicles

Start date 01/03/2009
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

The objective of this project is to investigate a test method for heavy-duty hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) using hardware-in-the-loop simulations (HILS) for type-approval-tests. Traditionally, certification of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions for heavy-duty trucks are performed on chassis dynamometer using standardized driving cycles. The introduction of hybrid technology leads to new demands for type-approval. The number of possible vehicle combinations becomes immense, since for a heavy-duty customer it is possible to select engine size, transmission, gear ratios, battery size, electric motor size, number of drive axles etc., this means that almost no truck is the same. In Japan a method for certification of heavy-duty HEVs using HILS has been developed. The method uses measured data from some components (battery, electric motors and internal combustion engine), these data are then used in a simulation model, running against the real control system. The method shows good agreement with runs on chassis dynamometer.

The project will study the method of HILS certification issued in Japan. The aim is to build knowledge in the area for understanding the requirements that need to be placed on a HILS type-approval method. In addition to studies of the method, the project should generate simulation models for suitable for HILS.

The research is carried out within Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC).


Swedish Transport Agency




AB Volvo

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