Greening the Fleet – Sustainability Transitions in the Maritime Shipping Sector (Greenfleet)

GREENFLEET aims to analyse the opportunities and challenges associated with a transition from fossil-based fuels to low- or zero-carbon technologies. With a 'technological innovation systems' perspective at its core, GREENFLEET will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of three focal low- or zero-carbon energy technologies, as well as hybrids of these and conventional energy solutions. The three energy technologies in question are battery-electric, biofuels and hydrogen.

GREENFLEET aims to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of novel 'green technologies' that can contribute to emission reductions in the Norwegian maritime shipping sector.

Partner organizations

  • SINTEF (Private, Norway)
  • Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (Academic, Norway)
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration (Public, Norway)
  • University of Oslo (Academic, Norway)
  • Lund University (Academic, Sweden)
Start date 01/03/2017
End date The project is closed: 30/09/2020

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