Graphene as heat dissipation material

In this research area, we study graphene as heat dissipation material for electronics cooling. The graphene is made via thermal CVD and chemical and mechanical exfoliation. The effect of hot spot size, the passivation layer thickness (SiO2) and number of graphene layers on the thermal performance are studied. Structural characterization tools include Raman spectroscopy and TEM while thermal characterization are carried out using analysis tools based on transient Laser-flash diffusivity, Raman thermometry and steady state ASTM methods. ​​​
Project leader
​Johan ​Liu,​
External partners
​CNRS, and Thales Research, France, ICN, Spain, HKUST, Shanghai University and SHT Smart High Tech AB ​

Fu, Y. ; Carlberg, B. ; Lindahl, N. et al. (2012). Templated Growth of Covalently Bonded Three-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Networks Originated from Graphene. Advanced Materials. 24 (12) s. 1576-1581. [Nr. 156913]

Thermal chemical vapor deposition grown graphene heat spreader for thermal management of hot spots, Gaoli Zhao, Yong Zhang, Yifeng Fu, Matthew Yuen and Johan Liu, Carbon, Online info:

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