Global Operations Network

Start date 01/02/2009
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2013
Identification of critical factors and process innovations shaping and evolving future operations networks - key concepts in the cross industry project “Global Operations Network”.

Globalization is revolutionizing the way manufacturers operate. Forward-thinking companies see this as an opportunity to innovate their operations systems seeking lower cost, new manufacturing capabilities, improving customer responsiveness, and entering new markets.

The purpose of the project is to develop methods for studying the industries and companies that have been exposed to globalization over a longer period of time. Factors and process innovations critical to the success of future operations systems will be identified in the project. These practices will be conceptualized into sets of operations systems configurations, which may be transferred across industrial and corporate domains.

The project is a collaboration between Aalborg University (Centre for industrial production), Copenhagen Business School, University of Southern Denmark and Chalmers. SMEs in four industries are in focus of the study, the textile, furniture, telecom and maritime industry. Chalmers focuses on the textile industry.

Organizations involved
Snickers Workwear, Abeco, 8848 Altitude, Danish companies
Project leader
Aalborg University, John Johansen
Contact person

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