Exploring the Organizational Capability for Value Innovation

Start date 01/03/2009
End date The project is closed: 31/08/2009

​This single case study investigated the process leading up to radical changes in the value proposition from an organizational capability perspective. The firm investigated was Göteborg Energi AB, which has developed an extensive product portfolio and competence in Energy related services even though previously operating in a fairly protected industry position.

The study investigated the origins and subsequent organizational path, the firm’s learning from the market and that learning’s connection to the momentum of the ideas that eventually became specific offers.

The aim was to comprehensively capture the changes in shared values, organizational processes and resource development along the development process of the small number of specific offers.


The research has been carried out at the research centre Center for Business Innovation - CBI

​The project resulted in preliminary insights about the role ownership and top management attitude play for the ability and intent to work with green sustainable offers. Göteborg Energi being owned by Göteborg Stad both calls for and enables a strive for dual goal fulfillment, business-wise and providing citizens with green offers and solutions. Top management view on environmental issues and new business development was found to be crucial.
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