Exploring key organizational competencies in Science Parks

Start date 15/03/2014
End date The project is closed: 15/09/2015

​– Understanding and enhancing alearning climate for creativity, innovation and change

The project addresses organizational competencies in Science Parks and how management can enable, support and nurture a learning climate. Two science parks are included in this collaborative study.

Multi-actor collaborations such as centres, science parks, long-term EU projects are becoming more and more important for innovation. Understanding, enhancing and facilitating creativity and innovation adopting effective leadership practices and specific organizational learning mechanisms is a challenge for practitioners and scholars alike.

There is a prominent need to better understand how these collaborations change our idea of organizations, and in this project we choose to focus on science parks and their potential to be something more than just a platform/broker for innovation.

External partners

​Politecnico di Milano

Lindholmen Science Park Gothenburg

AREA Science Park Trieste

Department Target Area
​Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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