Engine Combustion Network

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2015
​The goal of this project is to apply ballistic imaging to the Engine Combustion Network Spray A, a representative fuel spray for low-temperature Diesel internal combustion engines. Due to the optical density of the initial formation region of sprays commonly found in Diesel engines, primary break-up of such sprays is not well understood. Whereas established optical measurements are unable to extract any detailed information from this region, ballistic imaging has been used in past studies to examine the structure of heavily-atomizing Diesel engine fuel sprays. The Engine Combustion Network is an international collaboration between national labs, industry, and universities to better understand the fluid mechanics and combustion inside various internal combustion engines. In the process of combining and comparing measurements, a deeper understanding of the underlying fuel spray physics is gained. The first condition examined by the ECN, Spray A, has been examined in this fashion by several other institutions throughout the world. Here at Chalmers, we intend to contribute new knowledge of the spray's primary break-up to this collaborative effort.
Project leader: Mark Linne
Swedish Energy Agency

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