Energy Systems Modeling in Shipping

Today’s situation is a new challenge for the shipping industry. The raising concern about the environment, especially regarding the emission of GHG gases, led to an increased attention on the contribution from shipping, often regarded as marginal. Moreover, high fuel prices and low charter rates made the fuel bill becoming a primary issue for shipowners, meaning that energy efficiency is now on the stage as one of the main research areas in shipping.

Ships are complex energy systems, and for this reason a simple component-based optimization, though necessary, would not suffice. The project aims of exploring the issue of energy systems modeling applied to ship machinery systems towards more efficient design and operation for ships. The expected result of the project, founded by the Swedish Energy Authority, will be that of obtaining a complex mathematical model able to simulate ships energy consumption under a comprehensive range of operative conditions, to be used for optimizing ship design and operation.

The project is run in collaboration with the DTU (leading technical university, located in Denmark), Laurin Maritime (Shipping company, located in Gothenburg) and Marorka (Energy Services Provider for the Shipping Industry, located in Iceland).

Swedish Energy Authority

Page manager Published: Mon 12 Oct 2015.