Energy Efficient, Beamforming Antenna-IC Integration Solutions for Future 100+GHz Telecommunication Systems

Purpose and goal: The goal of this project is to develop Antenna-Beamforming-IC integration solutions for frequencies above 100GHz that simultaneously overcome the major problems of energy consumption of mm-Wave electronics and the difficulties of implementing built-in intelligent functionalities due to small physical size and element spacing in antenna arrays.
Expected results and effects: Objective 1: Establish a multi-disciplinary design flow and methodology for 100GHz Antenna-Beamforming-IC integration solutions for the targeted future applications. Objective 2: Design an Intelligent 2D-Beamstearing Focal-Plane-Array system, employing the developed integration solutions, for Ericsson’s backhauling antenna at W-band. A part of this design, i.e. a compact multi-PA spatially-combined waveguide module with contactless IC transitions, is intended as a power boost product for Gotmic. Objective 3: Experimentally demonstrate that the proposed solutions.

Partner organizations

  • Ericsson (Private, Sweden)
  • Gotmic AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/07/2021
End date 30/06/2023

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