Energy performance and indoor environment quality in school buildings

The project aims at developing a relationship between energy performance (EP) and indoor environment in school buildings. EP is stated as purchased energy in kWh / year.m2, but there is no corresponding indicator for indoor environment.

The objective is to answer the question: which school buildings have high EP and high quality indoor environment?

Indoor environment is characterized by an indoor environment index (IEI) that combines levels of air pollutants relevant to schools and thermal comfort. The children's perception of air quality and thermal comfort will be investigated through targeted surveys. Building characteristics, EP, IEI, and the questionnaires will be treated with statistical methods.

Results will show which school buildings are best at low energy consumption and good indoor environment for the children. The best buildings serve as examples and can be used as models for developing guidelines and solutions for improving EP and indoor environment in other shools.

Partner organizations

  • Facility company Göteborg City (Public, Sweden)
Start date 01/01/2019
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2021

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