Elucidating stress related to fermenting syngas – towards efficient conversion of CO and CO2 into bioethanol

The project contributes to the development of an entirely renewable energy system by improving production of ethanol by syngas fermenting bacteria. Bacterial syngas fermentation is a radically new concept for producing renewable fuels of high importance to the Swedish energy sector. Syngas is a mixture of mainly CO, CO2, and H2 that is produced through gasification of literally any carbon containing material. The aim of the project is to understand how fermentation of syngas affect bacteria. This knowledge will be used to design and engineer more efficient and robust syngas-fermenting bacteria. Syngas fermentations by bacteria can fully exploit the carbon in the raw material, but many scientific challenges persist. Here, we focus on understanding of the physiological and transcriptional effects on bacteria, caused by syngas and inhibitors therein or by electrofermentation. We will improve syngas fermentation and stress tolerance of bacteria through genetic and evolutionary engineering.

Start date 01/04/2019
End date 31/03/2023

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