Electrified Mine Truck Operation in Arctic Climate

The demonstration project will electrify one haul route in the largest open pit mine in Europe, the Aitik mine in Gällivare. Aitik currently operates a fleet of 31 large mine trucks with gross weights of 390 and 570 tonnes. The fleet transport an annual volume of 80 million tonnes of ore and waste rock, predominantly on routs with a steep inclination. Initial studies have indicated large potential for reduction of diesel consumption by means of trolley electrification of main haul routes in the operation. This project will prove the technical feasibility of electrification in this type of application and form the basis for investment decisions on future infrastructure and vehicle fleet. The goal is to electrify a haul route of 700m and modify four mine trucks with pantograph installation in order to prove fuel consumption reduction with accompanied GHG emission reductions while building knowledge on operating cost, design, maintainability and safety.

Partner organizations

  • Boliden Mineral AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 07/02/2018
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2019

Page manager Published: Mon 29 Oct 2018.