E-Nav - Efficient Electronic Navigation at Sea

E-NAV will develop a sail plan service and online training platform for the shipping industry. From real time data feeds received from meteorological, coastal, sea state, vessel and Earth Observation data archived in Copernicus, E-NAV will compute and transmit optimized sail plans to fleet managers and navigators. It will reduce fuel consumption, minimize hull fatigue, sail time, and reduce CO2 emissions. E-NAV will also include a training module with online gamification tools to teach navigators.

Partner organizations

  • O.M. Offshore Monitoring Ltd (Private, Cyprus)
  • Molflow AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Color Line Marine AS (Private, Norway)
  • GoTa Ship Management AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Möller Data Workflow Systems (Private, Sweden)
Start date 11/04/2019
End date The project is closed: 10/04/2022

Page manager Published: Thu 04 Nov 2021.