Effect of cracks on reinforcement corrosion (Cracor)

Adequate formulation of technical functional requirements, instead of technical details, are needed to open up for optimal and innovative solutions. Surface crack widths are today strictly limited in codes; however, in spite of large research efforts, the impact of cracks on long-term corrosion in reinforced concrete structures is still debated. This project will address this gap, by compiling unique data from both naturally deteriorated samples of varying age and well-defined laboratory specimens, thereby investigating how the location of corrosion pits correlate with the existence of cracks crossing the reinforcement bars, and their crack width. In this way, we will provide knowledge for improved formulation of technical functional requirements.

Partner organizations

  • Lund University (Academic, Sweden)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Academic, Norway)
Start date 01/11/2019
End date 31/12/2022

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