eHealth is a wide definition which encapsulates a lot of different sub-groups like telecare, telemedicine, mHealth, electronic patient records, IT-system interoperability  etc. In general terms however it may be defined as the use of ICT (information and communication technology) to promote and improve healthcare. eHealth is for instance regarded as being one of the most important factors in dealing with the challenges now recognized within healthcare due to the upcoming drastic demographical changes in the society. Increasing costs and care needs of a growing multi-diseased elderly population shall be handled and financed by a relatively smaller working population.  Apart from this eHealth is in general regarded as a tool to improve treatment outcome, increase efficiency and patient safety.

Our research is strongly clinically oriented with the care taker and the caregiver in focus. By using a combination of “traditional” bio-medical engineering, ICT, and a strong multi-disciplinary approach, we work with solutions and systems to support the management of long-term and chronic diseases, enable remote and out of hospital care, support clinical decision making and improve acute pre-hospital care. In the project Care@Distance applications are found in areas like neonatology, enabling parents to bring their pre-maturely born infants safely home earlier (Figure 1), and in the care of chronic diseases like chronic heart failure where one aim is to improve long term treatment compliance. Within the area of acute pre-hospital care the focus is process support and clinical decision support, e.g. IPCar (Stefan Candefjord) within ambulance care.



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