E-Charge: System demonstration of electrified long-haul transports

Purpose and goal: The purpose is to collaboratively build knowledge and ability to take an important step in the transition to an electrified transport sector as part of a sustainable, electrified welfare society.
The project will establish a system demonstrator with 2-4 logistics flows that are operated by 2-4 long haul electric trucks. The vehicles must be able to drive 4.5 hours and then charge for 45 minutes to be able to drive for another 4.5 h. 3 public Megawatt Charging System (MCS) chargers will be installed with charging power of> 1 MW. A plan for a large-scale system demonstration will be developed.
Expected results and effects: E-Charge will accelerate the build-up of knowledge in the electrification of heavy long-distance transportation. The operation of the system demonstrator is expected to build knowledge about the logistics system, business cases, opportunities and risks associated with the electrified long-distance logistics system. The project prepares national actors for an upscaling of the technology. The establishment and operation of the planned Megawatt Charging System (MCS) chargers will prepare the project partners for cooperation at European and international level. Approach and implementation: The project is divided in vertical (VP) and horizontal work packages (H). In VPs, the OEMs are developing the vehicles, ABB develops the MCS chargers, Circle K and OKQ8 are designing and operating the charging stations. In H1, development, operation, monitoring and evaluation of the initial system demonstrator is coordinated. In H2, the academic research and modelling of the sub- and overall system is performed. In H3, the large-scale demonstrator and inputs for the national master plan for HD charging infrastructure are being prepared. The project coordination is done in H4.

Partner organizations

  • Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Linköping University (Academic, Sweden)
  • Vattenfall (Private, Sweden)
  • Volvo Group (Private, Sweden)
  • ABB Electrifications Sweden (Private, Sweden)
  • Scania CV AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Uppsala University (Academic, Sweden)
  • ICA Sweden (Private, Sweden)
  • Circle K Sweden (Private, Sweden)
  • Lund University (Academic, Sweden)
  • OK-Q8 AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Schenker AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Lindholmen science park AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/11/2021
End date 31/12/2024

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