Durability analysis of cables and mooring used in systems for harvesting of renewable ocean energy

Start date 01/11/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2015
Ocean energy is an area of renewable energy that is gaining increasing attention. Historically, this renewable energy source has not been commercially viable. Technology leaps in several system areas have now increased its attractiveness and economic viability looks positive. In 2011, the Ocean Energy Centre was initiated to support the development of methods and technologies for harvesting of renewable ocean energy. Four companies with technologies and prototypes of current and wave power are involved.
These wave energy converters (WEC) are moored in the sea floor to stay in position. The moorings have to be designed to survive the cyclic loads and motions they are subjected to as a result of the wave load-WEC interaction and the motions of the WEC in the random elevation of the sea surface. A major common challenge that limits their long term use and commercial impact is the mechanical service life of cables and moorings. This project, funded by Swedish Energy Agency, aims to propose new solutions and implement them.

Figure 1 Illustration of the set-up of the study model and the axial stress response [unit: N] of mooring lines.

Project Objective

This project aims to propose commercially viable solutions to develop methods and technologies for harvesting of renewable ocean energy.

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