Distributed Motion Control for Multi-Trailer Vehicles

Electrification of trucks, trailers and dollies created a lot of new possibilities to control long vehicle combinations. Such combinations are over-actuated with many propelled, steerable, liftable axles hence it is possible to achieve the most optimal control allocation by solving a control allocation problem. Maximizing safety and minimizing the energy consumption are the ultimate aims for such optimization problem. Furthermore, long vehicle combination can be decoupled into 2 parts for increased manoeuvrability at the roundabouts and coupled back later. To control such vehicles, a novel motion control strategy is needed.

In this project, a generic motion control strategy that allocates the global force request to individual actuators for a multi-trailer vehicle combination will be developed.


Research Questions:

• Is it possible to generate B-matrix for each unit and combine them to a control a multi-unit vehicle?
• Or alternatively, should there be a higher level controller that controls global force allocation to each unit and another lower level controller that allocates the control inputs to each actuator within each unit?
• How should the coupling forces be controlled?
• What is the best way to relate coupling force control to individual wheel forces control?
• How to automatically couple and decouple a long vehicle combination to smaller combinations?



• Answers to research questions
• 1 Vehicle Dynamics PhD, employed in Swedish Vehicle Industry

Partner organizations

  • Volvo (Private, Sweden)
  • VBG GroupTruck Equipment AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/04/2021
End date 31/03/2024

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