Designing novel marine food products for healthy ageing

This is a multidisciplinary initiative focused on the effects of herring/herring oil on disorders related to ageing, particular decline in muscle functions and markers for metabolic disorders. Goals: To determine the influence of herring oil versus vegetable oils on muscle mass, muscle function and the biological processes involved at tissue level in mice. To compare the effects of whole herring versus herring oil on the same parameters To identify the mechanisms underlying these effects and the role of herring oil To develop new healthy and tasty herring products that appeals to the elderly consumer Methods: In silico analyses of diet effects on gene expression from existing data-sets. Animal intervention studies (ageing mice model SAMP8) of herring/herring oil/corn oil/olive oil will be performed. Muscle function will be evaluated by tredmill experiments and muscle mass will be measured by DXA. Blood samples will be taken and analyzed for lipids, metabolic markers and metabolites. Dietary effects on gene expression will be analyzed in skeletal muscle, liver and adipose tissues using a systems biology approach. Development of herring products will be performed by the fish manufacturers. Preference and acceptance tests will be performed in a group of elderly. Expected outcomes: Provision of scientific evidence for health beneficial effects of herring consumption. Development of of new, tasty and healthy herring products targeted for the population of elderly.

Start date 01/01/2012
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

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