Design for Circular Consumption

This project explores how companies can be supported to design products and services for circular consumption. We do so by making use of the Use2Use Design Toolkit - a set of five deisgn tools developed by Anneli Selvefors and Oskar Rexfelt in a previous research project. The tools will be dessiminated to and used by five partner companies as well as additional companies that want to develop circular offers.

During the project, we will study what potential the tools have for contirbuting to the development of products and services especailly adapted to circular consumption processes. We will also generate knowledge on how the tools may be used efficiently and implemented in development processes. Through this project we want to support companies to create innovative solutions that make circular and sustainable consumption an attractive alternative that does not require them to sacrifice their wellbeing or comforts in everyday life.

Start date 01/04/2020
End date 31/03/2023

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Apr 2020.