Decision support for early estimation of costs of poor quality

Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/01/2013
​To be competitive in a global context, Swedish manufacturers need to improve their efficiency and reduce costs. As much as 10-40% of a company's total turnover is quality costs. The percentage has a great potential for improvement by carefully analyzing the consequences of the choices available when developing production strategies. For the automotive industry, but also other manufacturing companies, this potential is particularly strong in the areas of geometric and production ergonomic quality. These areas are affected significantly by product conceptual and production strategic decisions.
​The goal of the project is to develop a decision support for the development of production strategies and manufacturing engineering in early development. This should enable the analysis of consequences and calculation of costs related to defects in geometric and production ergonomic quality. By minimizing late quality improvement measures, industry can reduce both their environmental impact and their costs as well as improve the working environment for their operators. The project is therefore working with a holistic approach in sustainable production.
External partners
Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Swerea IVF

​Wingquist Laboratory/Research group Geometry Assurance & Robust Design

Area of Advance


Industrial funding 5,5 MSEK

​Björn Mattsson – VCC, Alf Andersson – VCC, Anders Ortmon – VCC, Sari Rosenström – VCC, Johan Granath – Volvo Trucks, Ragnar Drake – Volvo Trucks, Per-Johan Wahlborg – Swerea IVF

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