A plant wide control perspective on the online operation of HVDC grids

Start date 01/03/2011
End date The project is closed: 29/02/2016
The overall objective of this project is to investigate control methods for voltage source converter based HVDC transmission systems. The intension is to analyse the dynamics of HVDC systems from a control and supervision perspective and propose robust controllers. The research will be focused on how to promote a safe operation of an HVDC grid, particularly from a stability point of view. The specifications of grid operation have to be met, also in the face of model uncertainties and in case of major system disturb​ances. The dynamics of interest will range from 1millisecond up to 10 seconds.
The project is carried out as a PhD project cooperating with Electric power engineering division. The project comprises the following specific tasks:
  • Review of HVDC techniques in general and in particular its control aspects.
  • Studies on how to model important system components such a transmission lines, converters, etc.
  • Investigation of some different methods to the control of medium large systems made up by these components.


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