Compressor design methods for NSA/Open Rotor

Start date 01/09/2009
End date The project is closed: 01/09/2014
​The requirements on compressors in modern engine architectures increase with respect to efficiency and specific power. In order to meet these demands, stability at part speed must be designed in early in the project. The current methods are based on optimization on a single operating speed where most of the fuel is consumed. A difficulty involved in this is that variable geometries must be treated. In the project, methods will be derived where stability at part speed can be weighed in when the design is optimized. In order to enable an expansion of the design space used in the optimization, more efficient methods are introduced using advanced optimization algorithms and surrogate models.
External partners
​GKN Aerospace Engine Systems
All project members
​Lars-Erik Eriksson, Hans Mårtensson, Lars Ellbrant
​VINNOVA, FMV and GKN Aerospace Engine Systems
​Lars Ellbrant
​Phone: +46 31 - 772 14 12

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