Climate KIC - Smart Urban Adapt - Helping Cities transition to a lower-carbon future

​The city of tomorrow must use fewer resources and provide better quality of life. SMART URBAN ADAPT helps European cities with next-generation decision tools to design development paths for the 1-ton-CO2-society.

Start date 01/11/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2014


The project is carried out at the Division of Building Technology and within Area of Advance Built Environment.

More information can be found at Climate KIC homepage.

Keywords: Urbanised areas, modelling, climate, transportation, buildings

Project members
Project leader
Prof. Gerhard Schmitt (ETH Zurich)
Jan Halatsch (ETH Zurich)
Prof. John Pollack (Imperial College London)
Project members
Prof Holger Wallbaum
Prof. Gerhard Schmitt,
Jan Halatsch (ETH Zurich),
Prof. John Pollack ( Imperial College London)
TEP Energy, Zurich, Switzerland
Prof Holger Wallbaum
External partners at the project
ETH Zurich
Imperial College London
IBM Research GmbH
Procedural AG (ESRI)
Association Climate-KIC
Chalmers Areas of Advance

​Built Environment

Funded by

  • TEP Energy (Private, Switzerland)

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