Chloride and moisture transport in concrete

Start date 01/06/2009
End date The project is closed: 01/06/2014
The project concerns durability of concrete structures with regard to reinforcement corrosion. A multiscale model of concrete will be developed whereby the strongly heterogeneous mesoscale structure of concrete is taken into account.
The resulting simulation tool is based on the paradigm of Concurrent Computational Multiscale modeling, CCMM, which means that the macro-scale characteristics in terms of relative chloride concentration and relative pore humidity are obtained via suitable homogenization concurrently during the computation.
The project is carried out by the Division of Structural Engineering, research group Concrete Structures and Department of Applied Mechanics, Division of Material and computational mechanics.
Keywords: Multiscale modeling, FEM, diffusion, homogenization
Project members

​Project leader
Karin Lundgren

Project members
Karin Lundgren
Fredrik Larsson
Kenneth Runesson

Filip Nilenius


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