Mini-supercapacitors technology based on hybrid CNT/CNF – electroactive polymer networks (CarPolCap)

Hybrid structures such as CNT/CNFs–electro-active polymer assemblies may show a unique combination of stiffness, strength, and tenacity compared to pure carbon or polymers separately for use as electrodes in supercapacitors. The association of such tailored carbon nano-structured networks with nano-conductive polymers may offer relevant carrier mobility, and therefore remarkable power capabilities should result, as well. The main drawback using polymers in a supercapacitor is the cycling stability because of typical shrinkage, breaking, and cracks appearing in subsequent cycles, but such inconveniences can be eliminated by use of hybrid CNT/CNF/polymer assemblies.

Partner organizations

  • COMFRAC (Private, Romania)
  • INCDIE ICPE-CA (Research Institute, Romania)
  • Skeleton Technologies (Private, Germany)
  • Smoltek AB (Private, Sweden)
  • University of Cyprus (Academic, Cyprus)
Start date 01/01/2012
End date The project is closed: 30/09/2015

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