Business models for open platform for shared charging infrastructure

Purpose and goal

Novoleap, together with our project partners Chalmers, Martin & Servera and Power Circle, wants to contribute to a faster green transition in the transport industry. Our project aims to lower thresholds for electrification through shared charging infrastructure where actors such as transporters, commodity owners, infrastructure owners, etc. can collaborate in business models without lock-in effects and have better conditions for planning their electrified transportation.

Expected results and effects:

In addition to direct results in the form of business models, we expect a build-up of competence around the sharing of charging infrastructure. Specifically, this will enable faster electrification, by allowing more smaller actors to recoup financial gains from electrification. Faster electrification will generate societal benefits in the form of both lower CO2 emissions and a cleaner urban environment, with both lower noise levels and lower particulate emissions.

Approach and implementation:

The project will be implemented in several work packages where evaluation of conditions, both technical and business, leads to a demonstrator where the conditions are implemented. The demonstrator is then tested and evaluated to validate system support, etc., which is required to be able to carry out a full-scale implementation at a later stage. The results of the project will be disseminated to academics, practitioners, authorities and the interested public through the project participants.

Partner organizations

  • Power Circle (Non Profit, Sweden)
  • Novoleap (Private, Sweden)
Start date 15/03/2022
End date 15/06/2023

Page manager Published: Sat 16 Jul 2022.