Biomass production and conversion in sustainably managed landscapes, part 2

Over the years 2020-2021, important methodological challenges in the field will be addressed based on collaborative research primarily focusing on the following topics:

1) the use of prospective LCA in the development of emerging biobased production processes (this may include sludge and waste water management). This would include the incorporation of bioprocess simulation results for, e.g. LCA uncertainty analysis. This research can benefit from collaboration with IndBio in which the development of such processes is targeted. ESA has collaborated successfully with IndBio in the past, for instance in the HGBiofuels and BioBuF projects. A current EU-project on production of biobased carbon fibres contributes new empirical research to the field.
2) methodology development in the area of life cycle impact assessment focusing on land use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. This activity can develop synergies with activities in the other part of the project and may be seen as a continuation of the collaboration between ESA and FRT on the topic, considering that the BioBuF project has ended (AMT, CC and MJ were involved) and that Ulrika Palme has (temporarily) relocated from ESA to FRT. The persons involved include prof. Anne-Marie Tillman, assoc. prof. Matty Janssen, prof. Magdalena Svanström, and senior lecturer Ulrika Palme. The funding from AoA Energy during 2020-2021 will
first and foremost be used by Matty Janssen, Magdalena Svanström and Anne-Marie Tillman for methodology developments in the area.

Start date 01/01/2020

Page manager Published: Fri 27 Nov 2020.