Beyond 5G Positioning

Ensuring traffic safety requires accurate (sub-meter) position information of all road users, including cars, trucks, pedestrians, cyclists in the environment. To overcome the challenges in existing relative and absolute positioning technologies, cellular communication signals stand out as a promising solution as they are nearly omnipresent, they come at almost no extra cost, there are plenty of location reference stations (e.g., base stations), and they provide both outdoor and indoor coverage in urban and rural environments, and during all weather conditions. 5G at high carrier frequencies has shown the potential for high positioning accuracy, while 6G networks are envisioned to provide the ability for accurate radar-like sensing. The main goal of the Beyond 5G positioning project is to develop solutions to high-accuracy positioning and radar-like-sensing for vehicular safety applications, based on 5G and beyond 5G radio technologies.

Partner organizations

  • Sivers Semiconductors AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Ericsson (Private, Sweden)
  • Lunds tekniska högskola (Academic, Sweden)
  • Qamcom Research & Technology (Private, Sweden)
  • Volvo Cars (Private, Sweden)
  • Sony Nordic (Sweden), Filial till Sony Europe B.V. (NL) (Private, Sweden)
  • Veoneer (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/11/2022
End date 31/10/2024

Page manager Published: Fri 27 Jan 2023.