Behavioural based safety services and accident causation analysis

Start date 01/09/2013
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2015

​Behavioural-based safety (BBS) generally refers to methods and techniques for obtaining sustained changes in behaviour, with the purpose to increase work safety and reduce safety-related costs. In the context of driving, this may include driver training, coaching and self-learning and BBS can be viewed as one component in more generic safety management programs for commercial fleets. Among the providers of BBS solutions, Lytx offers driver coaching services based on video-based on-board safety monitoring devices in commercial fleets with the final aim to obtain long-term improvements in driver behaviour by means of coaching against unsafe driver behaviours identified in the triggered video clips.  The data collected by Lytx consists of Kinematically triggered safety-critical events (crashes and near-crashes) with 4Hz video of the forward roadway and the driver as well as GPS and accelerometer data. Besides its use for coaching drivers towards a safer driving style, this type of data is also very valuable for accident research.
In this framework, the project aims to achieve 2 main goals:

1) to explore the potential of behaviour-based safety services on the Chinese market, using the existing Lytx solution.

2) to use the data obtained in the project for accident analysis, with the primary goal to understand the main factors contributing to crashes in Chinese commercial fleets. 

Project leader: Mia Cheng, AB VOLVO
​China-Sweden Research Centre for Traffic Safety

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