Autonomous monitoring system for marine invasive species

The challenge driving this project is the development of a sustainable strategy to significantly limit the spread of marine invasive species. Today invasive specie s are the main threat to biodiversity. The suggested solution is an early warning system for invasive species based on DNA- methods, tailor-made to find species on alert-lists. Shipping is the large st vector for spread of invasive species why ports and fairways are optimal for monitoring. Early detection is crucial in aquatic environments where mitigation else might be come very costly or even impossible.

The project is a collaboration between Chalmers, Gothenburg University, RISE and SeAnalytics

Partner organizations

  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Research Institute, Sweden)
  • SeAnalytics AB (Private, Sweden)
  • University of Gothenburg (Academic, Sweden)
  • University of Gothenburg (Publisher, Sweden)
Start date 12/04/2019
End date The project is closed: 24/01/2020

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