Automation of Network edge Infrastructure & Applications with aRtificiAl intelligence, ANIARA

Purpose and goal: The objective of the project, is to provide enablers and solutions for high-performance services deployed and operated at the network edge. The integrated edge cloud need to take advantage of artificial intelligence to complement traditional optimisation algorithms and have edge-specific platform enablers in place to take advantage of running services close to end users. Edge network nodes will be placed at locations not prepared for the power requirements of cloud infrastructure. Hence, we need to analyse requirements and develop methods to minimize energy consumption.

Expected results and effects: The project is expected to develop enablers and solutions that can be used by Swedish and European industry to streamline and enable the use of edge clouds. The results come in the form of published papers, patents, demonstrations, student examinations (Masters and PhDs), new and improved products and services.

Approach and implementation: The project is divided into five work packages, with a number of identified tasks in each. The various parts of the project are loosely coupled for maximum efficiency. Results will be spread between project parts and analysis to identify coordination gains will be performed. Once integration benefits have been identified, this will be described and in some cases implemented. A project management group with the project manager, and the work package managers meet regularly and are responsible for reporting and disseminating the results.

Partner organizations

  • Eltek Power Sweden AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Univrses AB (Private, Sweden)
  • IconPro GmbH (Private, Germany)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Academic, Sweden)
  • Ericsson (Private, Sweden)
  • King's College London (Academic, United Kingdom)
  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Research Institute, Sweden)
  • Logical Clocks AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Systemair AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig (Academic, Germany)
  • Qamcom Research & Technology (Private, Sweden)
  • Opel (Private, Germany)
  • ArctosLabs Scandinavia AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Konica Minolta Global R&D (Private, United Kingdom)
  • HAL Robotics (Private, United Kingdom)
  • Enoc System AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (Research Institute, Germany)
Start date 15/06/2020
End date 31/10/2023

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