AttributDo: A Digital Gamified UX Solution for SustainableQuality Attributes Definition in Automotive Industry

Purpose and goal: Two major disruptive trends electrification and digitalization are changing customer preferences, leading to the probably most substantial transformation in the automotive industry we observed in decades. Finding a balance between customer’s requirements towards “zero-emission vehicle,” “connected car,” choice of materials, clarity of functions, and interface modes under the pressure of production time and cost are not easy.
The AttributDo-project aims to help engineers create, define, verify and validate new and existing design features for new product development. Expected results and effects: The main research question we want to answer is “How can new and existing design attributes be defined and validated for a complete vehicle?” The AttributDo intended to help in verification of new, undefined today, quality attributes. Successful communication of these attributes can be achieved only with the ability to manage the perception of quality throughout the production cycles. The use of gamification as a means of learning from customer feedback makes for a more sustainable design process. AttributeDo reflects real-world situations and magnifies the important details. Approach and implementation: The AttributDo will be designed by game-based learning researchers with the assistance of researchers and professionals of the automotive industry. The results are both research-oriented as well as industry-focused. During the project, the different stages in the development will be documented. This data be used to write different conference papers, journal papers, and chapters in the field of game study, sustainability, and engineering. The involved universities will verify the AttributDo app early prototype by organizing workshops together with Geely Design and CEVT.

Partner organizations

  • University of Gothenburg (Academic, Sweden)
  • University of Gothenburg (Publisher, Sweden)
Start date 15/03/2021
End date The project is closed: 01/01/2022

Page manager Published: Sat 16 Oct 2021.